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Show Notes

Tiangong might be fine

NASA’s Chinese exclusion policy (Wikipedia)

MinutePhysics on the sun (YouTube)

Leon Muss

Tesla’s second secret plan

Edward Snowden’s making a thing

Star Trek was almost too Star Treky

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Show Notes

Mr. Robot on USA


MUDs (Wikipedia)


Nobody owns the moon

Elon’s original secret plan

Tesla’s big accident

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Kevin and Alex have a beta episode out, and they need your feedback.

Please reach out to us at or or email

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Show Notes

Roller Coaster Tycoon (Wikipedia)

x86 Assembly Language (Wikipedia)

Flappy Bird in Super Mario World (YouTube)

The /r/cheerskevin subreddit



Telsa has a new car

The Tesla super-highway

ISS’s new module

Boaty McBoatface

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Show Notes

Computer Desktop in VR (video)

Compiz Linux window manager (Wikipedia)

Google’s opening up voice recognition

Tardigrades don’t rely on horizontal gene transfer