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In which Kevin and Alex definitely don’t talk about politics

Show Notes

Marvin Minsky (Wikipedia)

Graph isomorphism in polynomial time

P vs NP problem (Wikipedia)

Millenium Prize problems (Wikipedia)

Google has a Go computer

Millimeter internet makes Alex happy

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A new planet, Alex insists on aliens, and Kevin talks about the Endgame.

Show Notes

SpaceX lands, not stands

This is a collet

Alpha Centauri has no planet

We use Workflowy for show notes

There’s a new planet!

It’s still not not aliens

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Second Life


MUDs (Wikipedia)

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

The blockchain (Wikipedia)

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Alex and Kevin talk about the future of technology and space

Show Notes

GNU Screen (Wikipedia)

Kevin tweets his tmux setup

tmux: Productive Mouse-Free Development

SpaceX sticks the landing! (YouTube)

kRPC mod for Kerbal Space Program

Virgin Galactic’s accident (Wikipedia)

Kevin was totally wrong. NASA pays $70 million per Soyuz seat

Judgment under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases

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Alex and Kevin are back from their holidays, and chat about space, quantum mechanics, and finally, Star Wars

Show Notes

Early Edition (the newspaper-related show Kevin couldn’t remember)

Transactional Interpretation

Bootstrap Paradox

Off to Be the Wizard

PBS Spacetime (YouTube) on mass

MKBHD (YouTube)

(or watch on YouTube)

Spoilers ahead for our secret bonus episode about this season’s Doctor Who.

Happy holidays from Kevin and Alex!