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Alex and Kevin put on their amateur physicist hats and solve the mysteries of interstellar travel!

Show Notes

The government kills the blimp program

NASA really loves Nikon

Canon S110 Point-and-Shoot

Alex is making videos!

Alex went to BufferFestival

Rode Rec app for recording microphones on your phone

Kevin’s brother calls him out

NASA hasn’t disproven the EM Drive

EM Drive (Wikipedia)

Alcubierre Drive (Wikipedia)

Wolfram Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine

CubeSats (Wikipedia)

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Kevin has suggestions for NASA’s PR team, and Alex believes in free will.

Show Notes

More YouTube Red information

The military’s runaway blimp

Eve Online 360 Video

Andy Weir made a space sim

Karnaugh maps (Wikipedia)

Relevant XKCD

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Kevin and Alex discuss space and general nerdery. Then they dive into what YouTube’s new strategy means.

Show Notes

Double star may result in black hole

Have we discovered aliens around KIC 8462852?

Dyson Sphere (Wikipedia)

Planet Hunters

Outer Space Treaty (Wikipedia)

Warrant Canary (Wikipedia)

Heartbleed Vulnerability (Wikipedia)

Maker culture (Wikipedia)

YouTube announced YouTube Red

Authors on Amazon’s pay-per-page model

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

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Kevin tries to defend voice communication, Alex predicts the future, and they both get sucked into Doctor Who.

Show Notes

JPL’s Rules For Developing Safety Critical Code (PDF)

Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte (Wikipedia)

Doctor Who 500 Miles

Genetic Cars 2

Genetic Algorithm Polygons

George Washington as a zombie (Library of Babel)

How Many People Are in Space Right Now?

Tardigrade (Wikipedia)

Thunderbolt (Wikipedia)

USB-C (Wikipedia)


(or watch on YouTube)

In the first of what presumably will be many wonderful podcasts, Kevin and Alex discuss The Martian, what their intro should be. They continue by discussing how Amazon is locking competitors out of their service, and some of the potential consequences of home automation and technology.

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