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We have a Twitch channel

ScienceAlert says EM Drive is okay

EM simulated with high school physics

ESO confirms a rocky planet in the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri

Tesla’s cars have ludicrous mode

Tesla owners just want to go camping though

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Jekyll blogging framework

New Earth on

More details on

xkcd on the Fermi Paradox

How far have radio signals gone?

Self-driving Ubers rolling out in Pittsburgh

NASA’s opening up the science

Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (Wikipedia)

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Veritasium on the Reproducibility Crisis (Video)

Try the Trolley Problem with self-driving cars

Or read more about the problem on TechCrunch

All the details about Star Trek: Discovery

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch (GoodReads)

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IO’s atmosphere collapses all the time

Cauchy surface (Wikipedia)

Cauchy horizon (Wikipedia)

Closed Timelike Curves (Wikipedia)

Private companies on the Moon

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Markov Chains (Wikipedia)

Petition for some Mars thing whatever

Soylent CEO is weird

Tom Scott on Shipping Containers (YouTube)

Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (Wikipedia)